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  • Leak: HSUS Knew About Hostile Environment Well Before Investigation of CEO

    Got a tip? We respect anonymity. [email protected] What did they know, and when did they know it? Those are the famous questions when trying to bust a cover-up. For the Humane Society of the United States, its leadership knew about sexism issues well before the organization investigated its CEO, according to a leaked document that […]

  • Some Animal “Rescue” Needs a Watchdog

    Did you hear about the dozens of French bulldog puppies that died this summer flying from the Ukraine to Canada? Our executive director has a piece at the Washington Times about how dog trafficking is a growing issue, and how we can fix it by reforming misguided policies: Make no mistake: There is no overpopulation […]

  • Humane Society CEO Makes $400,000, While Animals Get Screwed

    Got a tip? Email us at [email protected] There are two kinds of problem solvers: Those who actually want to solve the problem, and those who simply want to make money on the existence of the problem–without actually solving the problem. Unfortunately, some charities fall into the latter camp, where they essentially become fundraising operations. That’s […]

  • Taking Back the Narrative From Animal Activists

    Originally published in Meatingplace by Rick Berman on September 1, 2019: PETA and HSUS have combined budgets of more than $150 million a year. Add to that the hundreds of millions invested in startups for synthetic meat alternatives or cell-cultured meat, which gain market share by claiming they are healthier than real meat. The fake meat companies have found opportunities in the […]

  • Fake Meat Goes to War—With Fake Meat

    We’ve been critical of synthetic meat analogues because, contrary to what these companies want you to believe, these products are not actually healthier than real meat. That’s according to dietitians, who note that there’s essentially the same amount of fat and calories in real meat and fake meat, while fake meat often has higher sodium. […]

  • Animal Activists Spray Feces at Private Home

    How low will animal liberation activists go? There seems to be no limit. Over the weekend, a group of activists with Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) went to the home of the CEO of a pork company, trespassed onto his lawn, and sprayed pig feces on his property from a 55-gallon drum. They concluded their stunt […]

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